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The Rotary Club of Gettysburg, which is now the parent club of the former New Oxford-Conewago Valley Rotary Club, monthly recognizes high school seniors from New Oxford and Bermudian Springs High Schools based on academic achievement, school leadership, extra-curricular involvement, community service and character.  The students recognized in September are Jason Lookenbill from New Oxford High School and Emily Swartz from Bermudian Springs High School.
At next Monday’s meeting- students from the Gettysburg Community Theatre, Lion King Day Camp will entertain us during our meal before our regularly scheduled program.
Bicky Redman and Kathy Gaskin are shown above with Vice President Larry Redding
Larry introduced Kathy Gaskin, from Healthy Adams County and Bicky Redman, with the Adams County Office of Planning and Development to talk about a new program is well under way in Adams County. Kathy explained a bit about the need for a safe disposal of needles by doctors in emergency services and patients who are prescribed insulin by injection. There is also a problem with needles which are being discarded by heroin users in public parks and elsewhere. When inquiries came in to Bicky, due to her role as the Solid Waste/Recycling manager for the County, she began to do some research.
She found an article which was written about the fire department in Sandwich, Massachusetts that raised money in their community to buy a Sterilis machine to dispose of needles. Some of the areas in Cape Cod were getting so polluted with used drug needles that they were washing up on the beach. The fire department in Sandwich coordinated efforts with various community groups and purchased a Sterlis machine that was placed at their headquarters for 24/7 availability. When the fire department started collection, in September 2015, they received 100 needles per week – they are now receiving 500-700 each week.
The Sterilis machine is a compact unit which accepts the needles and syringes into a tank. The materials are then sterilized at a very high temperature and then ground into small parts (about the consistency of confetti) for simple disposal as solid waste.
Adams County was able to obtain one of these machines thanks to funding by Home Association of McSherrystown, Knights of Columbus Home Association, New Oxford Social & Athletic Club, and the Gettysburg Hospital Foundation. The Adams County Regional Emergency Services owns the unit and it is kept and maintained by the United Hook and Ladder fire department located at (Bonneauville, PA), 10 Elm Street, Gettysburg Pa. 17325. There is also a secure drop off kiosk that was provided by the Adams County District Attorney's office and is available at the fire department. This will become available 24/7 starting in February, 2020.
This has become a pilot project for Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and may be used as a guideline for other counties that want to implement such a plan. There is a public relations program being implemented now to reach out to veterinarians, medical practices, pharmacies and community organizations.


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