Posted by Alex Hayes on Aug 12, 2019
A Rotarian Inquirers meeting will be held Sept. 25 at 4:30 p.m. for those thinking about joining Rotary. We would like every member to invite at least one guest. Snacks will be provided by Battlefield Brew Works. The club will purchase one beer for each guest.
President Brad announced that Rotary International suggests that presidents hold four club assemblies each year.
During his many years in Rotary, President Brad has noticed that the best way to guarantee low attendance at a club meeting is for the president to announce he or she will be having a club assembly.
Instead, Brad will be doing Rotary minute each meeting. He believes giving people information in small doses will have more lasting effect and if you tally up all of his Rotary minutes, we will be spending more time on Rotary business than if we had four club assemblies.
This week’s Rotary minute is……
RI wants clubs to be family friendly and expand volunteers at service programs. Unlike club assemblies, this is an idea President Brad wholeheartedly supports. This year, the Hoch family will be joining us at Ruth’s Harvest Packing and Breakfast with Santa. President Brad encouraged all members to review our community service offerings and invite their family to assist.
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At next Monday’s meeting- students from the Gettysburg Community Theatre, Lion King Day Camp will entertain us during our meal before our regularly scheduled program.
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Posted by Eric Gladhill on Jul 15, 2019
Special presentations of grant checks from the club were made President Brad, on behalf of the philanthropy committee:
$1,000 to the Buchanan Valley Fire Department. Mike Spielman, Fire Chief (shown above) accepted the check and explained that this would be used to help fund the 18 Junior Firefighters that are part of their department. The Buchanan Valley Fire Department teaches life skills to 13-17 year-olds; things like how to run a fundraiser, operate a dishwasher and manage a checking account.
$1,000 to Hoffman Home for Youth. Melissa Leathery, CEO and also a member of the Hanover Rotary Club, (shown above) accepted the check and explained that this money will be used to landscape and beautify the campus so that the troubled children who come there for psychological treatment will feel more welcomed into their aging facility.
$750 was given to the Mission of Mercy. David Liddle (shown above) accepted the check and showed us a video about the services that they offer to patients, regardless of their ability to pay, through their mobile clinics. This money will help fund a three-chair mobile dental clinic.
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Posted by Shannon Harvey
From the 28 essays submitted, using the new writing prompt “How does the Rotary Four-Way Test help you confront the fear of failure?” Abigail Blaney a sophomore at Gettysburg Area High School was selected the winner.
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Posted by Scott Wehler on Apr 13, 2019
The Rotary Club of Gettysburg cleaned up litter along a two mile section of Rt 30 on Saturday, April 13.  The club has been cleaning this section of roadway for over 20 years with two cleanup events held each year.  Joining the Rotarians this time was Gettysburg College Senior Edith Tea.  Edith is a native of the Ivory Coast and has been selected by the District for a two year District Global Grants Scholarship.  She will be doing graduate work in environmental issues in the Netherlands.
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Posted by Alex Hayes on Feb 27, 2019
Every year, the Rotary Club of Gettysburg donates dictionaries to third grade students in Gettysburg area schools. 
Rotarians Alex Hayes and Harry Hartman delivered the books to students at Saint Francis Xavier Roman Catholic School on Feb. 27.
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Posted by Chris Kimple on Jul 31, 2018
The Eisenhower Award is in recognition of an individual’s outstanding humanitarian service and positive influence in one or more of the following areas: public / civic service, peace, and world understanding that have contributed to the betterment of humanity locally or globally.  The nominee must be an individual rather than a group or organization and must be alive at the time of nomination.  Preferably, the nominee will be from Adams County though not necessarily living in Adams County currently.  If the nominee is not from Adams County or currently living in Adams County their achievement must have had a major affect on Adams County.  The nominee’s achievement can be local or global.  It can represent a life’s work or a onetime occurrence
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The Rotary Club of Gettysburg invites the community to the Gettysburg Fire Hall for its third annual lobster dinner.
The dinner will be held Saturday, May 5 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Gettysburg Fire Hall.  
All proceeds from the dinner will benefit the Rotary Club of Gettysburg Community Fund, which supports numerous local organizations.
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