Posted by William Braun on Dec 13, 2021
Grand day and a grand meal prepared and served by students of the culinary arts program. Chef Jeremy Schaffner introduced Caleb, sous chef for the day, who planned the menu and prepared the food. Nathan handled the ham carving station.
The public is welcome to participate in a monthly public meal, prepared by the students, at a cost of $18. Proceeds over the cost of the food go to five $1,000 culinary arts scholarships. To get on the mailing list for the meal, contact Jeremy:
Shawn Eckenrode, Adams County Technical Institute (ACTI) Director, provided an update including the creation of the ACTI in the fall of 2019. Five school districts voted to participate: Bermudian Springs, Conewago Valley, Fairfield, Gettysburg and Littlestown. The transition as a separate school entity from Gettysburg High School began in 2020. Each school district has a representative in the Joint Operations Committee that guides the Institute.
Shawn’s vision for career and technical education in Adams County is to attract students and increase the number of programs offered from the current seven:  Allied Health, Building Trades, Computer Networking, Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, Diesel Tech, and Early Learning. Other counties of similar population have from 18-24 program options.
To recruit students, Shawn talks to sophomore students about career options after high school graduation; informs them that 7 of 10 jobs don’t require a college education; and suggests that ACTI can provide hands-on experiences for 2.5 hours daily that give them a competitive advantage in the job market. He tells them about an organization called Skills USA that permits competitions with others in the skills area that can lead to the national competition.
Additionally, Shawn describes a Cooperative Education program that permits students to get a job during the school day to develop skills and opportunities to connect with experts and teachers with industry experience and internships. He explains about available scholarships. And Shawn lets them know about securing industry certifications necessary for jobs and opportunities for college credits while in high school.
The challenge for ACTI is space for additional programs and money to fund expansion. For more information, go to: