Posted by Eric B Gladhill on Nov 29, 2021
  • Gary Rappoldt gave one dollar for winning the 50/50 and the other for various team wins over the weekend, including the Capitals hockey team.
  • Peter Miele had two good reasons to be happy. $5 for a great Thanksgiving holiday and another $5 because the retirement party for Brad Hoch will be held at the Seminary Ridge Museum
  • Mike Hanson also had two good reasons to be happy and gave $5 for each: He has resigned from his duties at Lake Heritage and has taken a new job with the WWII American Experience Museum. This new venue opens in the spring on Mummasburg Road.
  • Fred Selak was happy about the University of Michigan winning the football game over Ohio State.
  • Jed Smith gave a dollar to exclaim the virtues of the Salvation Army and explain how the money collected in the buckets helps less-fortunate children to have clothes and school supplies. He was happy that Rotary helps by ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at Wal Mart. (President Larry reminded us that Chris Glatfelter had sent an email looking for a few more volunteers to help with this effort).