We had another meeting using Zoom video conferencing. The attendance was really good again! Above is a screen shot of half of the attendees.
This is a nice way to "get together", even when we can't be together!
Just a few Pro Tips on using Zoom:
  • When you are not speaking, please put your microphone on "mute". Simply click the microphone icon on the control panel. If your microphone is on, your video (or name if the camera is off) will take over the meeting and show full screen to the participants. When you want to speak, click on the microphone icon and you're on the air.
  • If you don't want to send video (someone else comes in the room or you need to leave your device) you can stop the video by clicking on the camera icon on the control panel and still see and hear what is happening.
  • If you do send your camera feed (video) look at your background (or use backgrounds available on Zoom - explore the control panel) and pay attention to how your face is displayed on the screen. It's not great to see up the nostrils, just the top half of your face or the top of your head. 
Hang in there, we'll get better at this as we go. Thanks!