Opening of Meeting
President Ken Farabaugh opened the meeting on the Zoom video conference at 12 noon with the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test.
Lynn Cairns gave the invocation
34 attendants were noted at the meeting.
Former member of our club, John Berndt was a guest and visiting Rotarian from another club
Happy Bucks
  • Eric Gladhill was happy to learn that his first grandchild will be a boy!
  • Anna-Mae Kobbe celebrated the 75th anniversary of Rotary and the United Nations working together by participating in a three-hour live-streamed meeting on Saturday. She also was happy that some of her husband, Doug Newell's family could join them for dinner at Hickory Bridge Farms restaurant Saturday evening.
  • John Kramb was happy to celebrate the anniversary of the Polio vaccine being declared safe and efficient on this day in 1955.
  • President Ken announced that the Board meeting will be Wednesday, April 21st. The subject of meeting venues will be discussed. We have a proposal from Mela Kitchen at Jack's Hard Cider and we've been asked to consider returning to the Gettysburg Hotel. These will be considered for our meetings once it is determined that we can safely meet together in-person.
  • Ralph Serpe told us that 17 applicants have completed the scholarship application and required essay. Ashley Andyshak-Hayes will be coordinating the review of these applications by her committee.
  • Eric Gladhill reminded the members that the club’s highway trash cleanup on Route 30, east of town, will take place on Earth Day, Saturday, April 24th.  We will meet at 8:30 am at Burger King parking lot (across from Wal Mart and adjacent to Starbucks). Please email Eric at to let him know that you will attend to help with this effort. So far, only three members have notified Eric that they will help. Please volunteer today!
  • Mike Hanson gave us an update on the speakers that he has lined up for the next few weeks. Megan Shreve from SCCAP will be giving us an update on her organization next week. Karl Pietrzak, the new director of Destination Gettysburg, will be talking about tourism on April 26th and we can expect a legislative update from State Representative, Dan Moul, in May.
Classification Talks
Lee Fortenberry, pictured above, started his classification talk by sharing his screen and going through a few slides that told of the start of his career and gave some facts about his current status.
Lee is a Financial Advisor. He also gave some of the many other terms associated with his profession. He explained that he worked his way through college as an Army ROTC member. One of his commanders left the service to become a life insurance salesman and so Lee followed in his footsteps. He starting selling life insurance through Northwestern Mutual in 1990.
Things changed in his profession in 1999 with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. This gave more latitude to the insurance salesmen to do more with financial consulting. Lee pointed out how things have been changing recently with the bottom half of the baby boomers now retiring. 
Lee has been involved more recently in education and training. He is an adjunct professor at Shippensburg University (since 2008), and is also an adjunct professor at the American College of Financial Services. This institution has been in existence since 1927, which makes it the oldest financial education provider. Lee teaches on the subjects of Retirement and Tax Sections. This institution has a capstone course on ethics. Lee compared that to the Rotary 4-Way Test, in that it focuses on business ethics.
Lee finished his presentation by sharing with us The American College of Financial Services code pledge and he also mentioned their eight canons that they prescribe to.
David Kushner, pictured above, was the second Rotarian to give his classification talk today. He started by saying that he is happy to be a Rotarian and is happy to be living in Gettysburg. He had been working in Washington, D.C. and is glad to be away from the "rat-race" there. He told us that he started his career as a teacher and then became involved in the Teacher's Association. That lead him into his current role as a Management Consultant to various organizations. 
He is a former C.E.O. of a hospital organization and has worked with various healthcare providers. He is currently developing a global foundation to certify ultrasound technologists.
One of his other current projects is a global foundation to certify nurses. Since the current pandemic shut down the testing sites for nurses to be certified, he has been working with this foundation to provide remote proctoring, using artificial intelligence, to allow for people to be tested using their own electronic devices.
David finished his talk by telling us that he has always been an active volunteer and has served on various boards and committees. He is interested in serving on the Scholarship Committee within our club.
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Classification Talks
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