Our 100th Anniversary Year!
Opening of Meeting
President Ken Farabaugh opened the meeting on the Zoom video conference at 12 noon. 
Peter Lagerberg gave the invocation
27 participated in the meeting, including one visitor (Fred Salek); two visiting Rotarians (Bryan Tate and Chuck Sawicki); and speaker, Tiffany Seitz
Happy Bucks
Alex Hayes gave a happy buck in honor of Chris Glatfelter whose last day serving as executive director of the Adams County Arts Council will be Friday, December 11.
Ken Farabaugh gave a happy buck for having had a safe trip to and from Massachusetts.
John Kramb gave $20 on behalf of a local citizen who does so much good for the community and wants to remain anonymous.  
Mike Hanson announced that he and Brad Lancaster are working on programs in January that will focus on Community Service.  Next week’s program will be Shawn Eckenrode from the Adams County Technical Institute.
John Kramb announced that the second session of Grants Training for the 2020 Rotary year will take place on December 14 at 6:00-7:00 p.m.  Anna Mae Kobbe expanded the announcement:  Each club is required to be Grant trained to apply for District or Global Grants. At least one member of each club needs to attend both the November and December 14 Grant Training sessions and pass the tests to qualify the Club to apply for a Grant.
Please register for the grant training at this link:
Alex Hayes announced Quarter 2 bills were sent out last week.  Should anyone have questions regarding his/her bill, or wonder if they have a past due balance, email
Miss Pennsylvania Tiffany Seitz

Ralph Serpe introduced our speaker, Miss Tiffany Seitz

Tiffany will represent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the forthcoming Miss America Scholarship Competition.  Tiffany is 23 years of age and a resident of Freeport, Pa. She is a graduate of Grove City College with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and a minor in communications. Her social impact platform is “Adoption Advocacy – Restoring Hope, Transforming Lives.” Tiffany was tested cocaine positive and addicted at birth, and not expected to survive beyond 2 weeks. She resided in foster care before eventually being adopted, so her platform is extremely personal, driving her passion to educate the public about fostering and adoption, ultimately helping children in the system to find forever homes and keep their dreams alive.  She has 3 brothers who were fostered.  One thought that Tiffany wanted to get across is that “adoption is not an invalid way to start a family.”  Even though there are hoops to jump through and the process can be intimidating, the other side can be so rewarding for the parents and life-changing for the child.  She is looking forward to working on pushing for legislative changes in Pennsylvania in terms of adopting and fostering.  She is an inspirational speaker and fervently supports the adoption and fostering care for children.  She mentioned that she loves to speak to groups about her passion and is so grateful for the opportunity she has had to have this platform.  She wants to take every opportunity she has to educate the public in terms of adoption and foster care. 

As an aside, at the Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Competition, Tiffany performed a Musical Theatre Jazz Dance to “Moving Lines” from SMASH. She was a preliminary award winner for Evening Wear / Social Impact.  In terms of prizes, she was awarded over $12,000 in scholarship funds and the use of a car for the year of her reign, although she has not been able to travel extensively because of the pandemic. 

Watch the entire meeting below!

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Dec 28, 2020
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