Opening of Meeting
The meeting was opened with an invocation led by Bill Braun, and then, President Larry led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test.
After enjoying our meal and conversation, Doug Newille reported attendance of 21 Rotarians and 1 guest, Erica Duffy, Adams County Library System Development Director
Chris Kimple won $15
Happy Bucks
  • Ken Farabaugh gave $100 on behalf of him and his fiancee, Lina, in honor of his father, who recently passed away at the age of 98. He was a Paul Harris Fellow through the Gettysburg Rotary Club.
  • Larry Redding gave $5 in honor of Ken's father.
  • Jim Roach gave a happy buck for his son who ran the Berlin Marathon on Sunday and placed 635 out of about 30,000. His time for the 26.2 mile course through beautiful and historical Berlin was 2 hours and 52 minutes. For those who may be interested, that's a pace of just over 6.5 minutes per mile! 
  • David Laughman gave a couple of bucks for two recent events that he attended: One was the Council of Governments meeting which hosted an expert speaking. via Zoom, about human trafficking. The other was for a virtual conference that he attended, regarding Micro Currency Chain technology, in which unused computer memory can be used for Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
  • Chris Kimple gave five dollars from her winnings to announce that this was the first time that she won the 50/50 in our club!
  • Doug Newell gave a buck for the great treatment that he got at the hospital last week when he was admitted for having low blood platelets. He was kept there for six days while they observed him and performed tests.
  • Laura Goss was happy that the volunteers working through the United Way Day of Caring did a great job in cleaning the Library. And she announced further happiness in having a lovely outdoor meeting that morning in her garden.
  • President Larry gave another happy buck for another Penn State win over the weekend.
Chris Kimple, International Chair announced that her committee had selected a recipient for the Eisenhower Award. The selection committee chose Judy Butterfield as this year's recipient. That honor will be bestowed at our meeting on October 18, 2021.
Alex Hayes told us that invoices for this quarter will be in the mail soon. Please check the meal charges and let Alex know if any discrepancies are found.
Mike Hanson let us know that Rotary Leadership Institute will be held via Zoom on Saturday, October 23, 2021. More information can be found in the District 7390 newsletter. See Mike with questions.
Chris Glatfelter, Community Service Chair announced a roadside clean-up will be held on October 9th. Members who can help (a minimum of 8 volunteers needed) should email Chris and let her know of your intentions. We will meet at the Burger King at 8:00 AM.
Clint Forry encouraged all of us to"LIKE" the Rotary Club of Gettysburg Facebook page and invite your friends to like it too! This way we can reach more potential members.
President Larry told us that new member inductions are coming up soon and we still need volunteers and donors for the Oktoberfest. Donations can be given to Club Treasurer, Tony Spangler.
Anna-Mae Kobbe announced that the Rotary Club Benevolent Fund, with the Adams County Foundation, will now be known as the Rotary Club of Gettysburg Charitable Funds. This charity is one of 90 named as participants in the Adams County Community Foundation's Giving Spree, to be held on November 5, 2021. See the email from President Larry dated, September 27, 2021, for more information.
$100 Given to The Rotary Foundation
When the collection bucket, which is kept at the registration table, has collected a sum of $100 through our giving of bills and loose change, the money is donated to The Rotary Foundation in the name of one of our members. That member is determined by the luck of the draw. 
A drawing of the members' badge numbers was held at this meeting to determine who that person would be. After about five numbers being drawing and called with no responses (the member must be present to have the money awarded in their name) we finally got a number for a member who was present. 
$100 is being donated in David Myers' name.
Financial Planning with Lee Fortenberry
Peter Lagerberg introduced our speaker, Rotarian and club member, Lee Fortenberry (both pictured above with President Larry).

Lee told us he provides financial planning but he also teaches a Capstone class on Financial Planning at Shippensburg University. He showed us a very informative slide show named, "Financial Planning in the 21st Century". Some of the questions that he set out to answer were:
  • Short and long term considerations when making financial planning decisions in the peak of a career
  • Retirement preparations that should be considered when making short and long term financial planning decisions
  • In dealing with market volatility, what options can bring safety when access to principal is not required
  • Other mid-career or retirement planning topics
He listed some of the challenges to financial planning:
  • Access to information
  • Arguments among so called experts
  • Volume of experts
  • Perceptions of consumers
  • Debt loads
  • Idea that some things are never wrong / right
  • Unusual Market Conditions / Variables
  • Human insecurities 
  • Dependence on tax-deductible
  • Assumptions that are difficult to make
Some of the results that have been seen in the market were given as:
  • In 1974, studies showed that 4% of Americans could safely retire and maintain their current lifestyle
  • Over the last 47 years, planning has become popular and legislative road blocks have been swept away (Glass-Steagal)
  • In 2014, studies showed that 4% of Americans could safely retire and maintain their current lifestyle
  • Obviously, this begs a huge question: Why?
Lee explored some of the myths that exist regarding investing. Some of those are people's belief that rate of return is more important than regular savings habits, and compounding interest creates a financial miracle. He demonstrated how reaching a savings of $1,000,000 by investing $50,000 per year at a compounding interest of 10% takes 11 years. It takes the same investment with a rate of 12.31% to reduce that time to 10 years and it takes a rate of 17% to make it in 9 years.
We ran out of time before Lee could complete his slide show, but he did make himself available for answering questions after the program.
Oct 04, 2021
US Army War College
Oct 18, 2021
Dwight D. Eisenhower Humanitarian Award
Oct 25, 2021
Official District Governor visit
Nov 01, 2021
National Civil War Monument
Nov 08, 2021
Polio Plus
Nov 15, 2021
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