Opening of Meeting
The meeting was opened with an invocation led y Dian Hiller
25 attendants were noted at the meeting with the only guest being our speaker.
Happy Bucks
  • Fred Salek took his first Civil War Roundtable.  The fascinating tour guide owned the Baker farm adjacent to the toll house on Baltimore Pike.  His grandfather, who was 7 at the time of the battle, passed down many stories told by veterans. 
  • Sandy Leathery just completed a week hosting daughter and granddaughters and they spent the weekend cleaning grandma’s house.  (She still has a few things left!)
  • John Kramb rode down to North Carolina on his motorcycle last weekend and reports that it was a beautiful drive and very enjoyable. 
  • Diane Hiller reported that yesterday was the first time in 65 weeks that her church met in the sanctuary.  They have been meeting but not in the sanctuary until yesterday.
  • Larry Redding made the following announcements
  1. Anna Mae Kobbe is working on a location for the Wednesday meeting.  It is hopeful that the Wednesday club group can meet once or possibly twice before July 1. 
  2. Larry sent out an email asking for an indication if members will attend the June 28 picnic at Lake Heritage, Shady Grove Pavilion.  That event is at 5:30 p.m.  until 7:00 p.m.  Please look for his email and respond to whether you will attend or not. 
  3. Larry also sent out an email in the same format asking if members will attend the Rotary Club meeting on July 12 in the Hotel Ballroom.  He needs to know if you are attending or not so the Hotel will know the number of lunches to prepare for.  This will be the first meeting together and in person since the pandemic began.  The meeting will be on Zoom for anyone who is not comfortable meeting in person.  Please look for that email and respond.
  4. Larry will be sending out an email with a spreadsheet for members to volunteer for the July 4 Celebration.   You will be asked to volunteer for one of the following—Parking fee collectors from 5:30 til 7:15 p.m.; Parking fee collectors from 7:15 until 9:00 p.m.; Raffle ticket sales; Concession booth for drinks; and July 5 morning cleanup after the event is over.  Be watching for that email and let him know what you are willing to do for the cause.
How to Speak the Language of Leadership
Mike Hanson introduced the speaker, Dr. Ivy Buchan, whose presentation was entitled, “How to Speak the Language of Leadership. 
Dr. Ivy Buchan fell in love with nonprofit management at New Oxford High School as president of Interact and for the last 21 years she’s worked in the nonprofit space. Five years ago Ivy started Helix Strategies and her team helps organizations develop strategic solutions to fundraising and leadership challenges. Ivy earned her Ph.D. from IUP in Administration and Leadership Studies in the Nonprofit Sector. She is a PANO Licensed Consultant, an AFP Master Trainer, and an Adjunct at West Chester University. Ivy also co-founded two nonprofits, edited three nonprofit textbooks, and serves on several community boards including the Susquehanna Valley Council of Charitable Gift Planners.
She started out by presenting her objectives for the day:
  1. Review how people take in information;
  2. Explore best practices for engaging languages;
  3. Identify language that you can utilize today;
She indicated that we learn:
11% through hearing;
83% through sight.
We remember:
10% of what we read;
20% of what we hear;
30% of what we see;
50 % of what we see and and hear;
80%of what we say;
90% of what we say and act.
She gave some engagement tips for getting people to open up and talk to us:
Listening = Likability
Mimic the other person’s posture and gesture;
Check that facial expressions match words you want to convey;
Use relevant examples;
Put the phone down.
Language tips:
Change the volume and inflection of your voice;
Say their name quite often;
“Ums” are ok;
Be concise;
Paint the picture;
Use relevant examples.
The Power of Words:
Use We/Our/Team when engaging or collaborating;
Use You: when you are praising or thanking someone;
Use I: when taking responsibility;
Use colorful language (lots of adjectives)
Stay Positive;
State Objectives;
Helpful Phrases:
Tell me more about that…
What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?
What are you looking forward to next week?
Thank you for sharing that with me
Thank you for explaining that background;
Thank you for telling me about that;
Thank you for taking the time to come to talk to me;
I can tell you care deeply about this topic;
(Appreciate the behavior shown)
The presentation was widely hailed as useful and very informative.  After a good many positive comments from members, Ralph Serpe “humbly” pointed out that he was responsible for recommending the speaker and he should receive some kind of reward for suggesting the program.  His request for free parking was denied.
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