Our 100th Anniversary Year!
Anna Mae Kobbe gave the invocation 
Ken Farabaugh presided over the first meeting of his presidency.  Club members recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4-Way Test.
Ken Farabaugh won $17
Happy Bucks
 $ Jim Roach (via Zoom) gave $50 to celebrate his 50 years of  marriage to his wife, Susan.
 $ Brad Hoch gave a happy buck to honor Norris Flowers and the great fireworks show this past July 4th.
 $ Scott Wheler was happy that the 100-year history of our club was published in the Gettysburg Times
 $ Nathan Hockley had two Happy Bucks - one because he was happy that we were all back together and the other one was because the super rock band, U2, now has their own satellite radio station (which Nate listens to constantly).
$ Alex Hayes gave a buck for Brad Hoch's great leadership through the pandemic.
$ Kim Flickinger was just happy to be at the Rotary club meeting.
  • Mike Hanson (via Zoom) told us that Adams County Commissioner, Randy Phiel will speak at our meeting next week, July 20, 2020 and Elizabeth Heidecker will give her presentation about her trip abroad in Belgium, on August 10, 2020.
  • President Ken announced that there will be a memorial service for Connie Farabaugh on Saturday, July 18, 2020, at 1:00 pm, at St. Mary's Church in Fairfield, and then to The Lodges at Gettysburg
  • The Gettysburg Hotel will be used by the College starting in August. We are looking for another meeting venue that is located in Gettysburg, preferably with parking. July 27, 2020 will be our last meeting at the Hotel.
Paul Harris Pins Awarded
Pictured above are, President Ken Farabaugh, Nathan Hockley, John Berndt and Anna Mae Kobbe.
Foundation Chair, Anna Mae Kobbe presented a Paul Harris, Plus One pin (indicating total giving of $2,000 to the Rotary Foundation) to John Berndt, and a Paul Harris, Plus Two pin (indicating total giving of $3,000 to the Rotary Foundation) to Nathan Hockley at the meeting.
Club Assembly
As President Ken Farabaugh began his talk about the upcoming year of our club, he thanked Immediate Past President Brad Hoch and the Board of Directors for their service this past year. He then called Brad forward to give him his President's plaque which will hold his gavel from last year (shown above).
Ken mentioned that John Kramb, who served as membership chair last year, has moved on to be End Polio Now Coordinator, Region 39, 2020Therefore, John Berndt has agreed to serve this year as the Membership Chair. Ken asked that we all help John Berndt to achieve Ken's goal of 100 members this year, in our 100th anniversary of the club.
He also mentioned that Anna-Mae Kobbe, in her role as Foundation Chair, will be asking each member to give something each year to The Foundation.
Bill Braun is leading the efforts to organize a celebration of our 100th anniversary. The plan is to incorporate it into our annual holiday party. There will be two more publication of our club's 100-year history during this Rotary year.
It was mentioned that Larry Redding will be serving as President-Elect this year. Mike Hanson is serving as Vice President and Programs Coordinator.
President Ken gave kudos to "Our Rock", Alex Hayes, who serves as Secretary, but also as the computer expert, photographer for this publication and he keeps us all informed through the various emails.
Tony Spangler serves as our Treasurer. He and Mike Hanson, who is a CPA, researched our financial reports and got our books in order recently.
For many years, our club searched for a "WOW" project to make a huge impact on the community by building something. We could never find the right project for the resources that we had available. As things became dire for some members of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the best use of the money that we had amassed was to give it to those in need. A plan was formulated to channel that money through the South-Central Community Action Program (SCCAP). We gave a total of $45,000 to be administered through SCCAP. The details of that story were covered in an email to all members and was also published in the Gettysburg Times.
Now we need to look forward to ways to raise money for our club. 
Sylvan Hershey had done a very good job of organizing the Lobster Dinner in the past, but now with that being cancelled, we need to find other methods to raise our funds.
Ken told us that Chris Kimple will serve as the International Chair, which includes our Youth Exchange program, being led by Eric Gladhill. We will continue to monitor the situation regarding travel in regard to Inbound and Outbound Exchange Students.
Dan Trimmer, as the Vocational Chair will handle scholarships. He also will carry on the practice of selecting a Student-of-the-Month from the Conewago School District. This is something that the New Oxford club has done for many years. Ken suggested that perhaps we should consider selection of Student-of-the-Month in the other districts of our county.
Doug Newell will serve as the Club Service Chair, and as such, will be looking for people to help with the registration desk and invocation at the meetings. He will also be planning some events for our club.
President Ken concluded by asking all of us to support our club as we live by the motto, Service Above Self and the Four-Way Test.
Jul 20, 2020
Update on Adams County
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The Rotary Club of Gettysburg meets Mondays at 12 noon at the Gettysburg Hotel - One Lincoln Square, Gettysburg PA 17325
We also meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 4:30 pm at Battlefield Brew Works - 248 Hunterstown Road, Gettysburg PA 17325