Opening of Meeting
The meeting was opened with an invocation led by Lynn Cairns and then, Vice President Peter Lagererg led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test while President Larry was sorting through some Audio-Visual problems with getting our speaker's image to project onto the screen.
Happy Bucks
  • Brad Hoch gave a happy buck to tell us that the American Academy of Pediatrics recently announced their recommendation that all children over 2 years-old wear a mask when they go out in public, such as school.
  • Peter Miele gave $2 - one for his upcoming trip to the Outer Banks and one for his nephew's second birthday
  • David Laughman gave $2 - one for change coming in a few months and one for the dark times leading to that change.
  • President Larry gave a dollar in celebration of his 41st wedding anniversary.
  • Erica, from the Hilton Gardens, a guest of Alex Hayes was introduced.
  • Ken Farabaugh was happy to have Lina attend the meeting with him.
President Larry won $16.00 and immediately gave it back as happy bucks.
  • President Larry announced that there will be a Board meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, July 21st at 7:30. Alex Hayes will be sending an email with the link to the meeting.
He also told us that The Rotary Club's Benevolent Fund will be listed as a part of the Adams County Community Foundation's Day of Giving this year.
Hanna Gamrot - Rotarian from Prague
Hana Gamrot (pictured above) appeared to us via Zoom and gave us the following information about herself:
I joined Rotary in 2012 and since then I have held a few Club positions; RYEO, Foundation Chair, Secretary and President. I was a GSE team leader in 2015 exchanging with your District, and your club was one of the few we had a chance to visit with my team.
I was the champion of a Global Grant called Happy Classrooms in Malawi, the Grant was completed in 2018 and it was the first Global Grant in our District in which we had the role of the International partner. At the moment I am the champion of a Global Grant in Beirut, the Grant was approved in May 2021
I relocated to Prague with my family and became a member of RC Prague International (biggest club in our District 2240 with 57 members) in 2019.
I am the current DRFC of our District for years 2021-2024
Personal info: I am a graduate of Silesian University, where I majored in English Linguistics. I have never been employed, which some people may find amusing, I started freelancing during my studies and have never been tempted to change it. I am married and I have a three-year-old tyrant, who is absolutely adorable when asleep.
Many of us remember Hana and her team when they came to visit our club in the spring of 2015. Pictures of that visit are included below.
Hana described her busy life as a mother and told us about her Rotary District #2240, which is composed of areas in two separate countries: Czech and Slovak Republics. When she became a Rotarian, she got involved in Youth Exchange right away. As she got more involved in Rotary, she joined a medical mission trip to Malawi, Africa in 2013. That trip inspired her to want to make a difference and led her to do some major fundraising back home. 
She returned to Malawi in 2014 and spent three weeks on a medical mission. She described 2014-2015 as her big year in Rotary. She obtained a Global Grant to help schools in Malawi and she visited our district that year. She said that PDG Paddy Rooney healed her after she experienced some hurt from Rotarians that left her down and she had to realize that Rotarians are just people that make mistakes. While she was visiting our district, she also made a deep connection and friendship with Amanda Redwine of the West Shore Rotary Club.
Her Global Grant funded the redecoration of 100 classrooms in 16 schools.  She later went on to champion another Global Grant in Beirut.
She told us that the most interesting and exciting part of Rotary is the people that she has met.
Past President Sharon DeOms Geleta exchanged banners with the Exchange Group when they visited our club. Hana is shown, front and center with her group.
Jul 19, 2021
Czech Republic
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Mission of Mercy
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