Opening of Meeting
The meeting was opened with an invocation led by Fred Salek, and then, President Larry led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test and then invited members to sing the Star-Spangled Banner
After enjoying our meal and conversation, Doug Newell reported attendance of 21 Rotarians and 2 guests (Leona Rega, Executive Director of the Adams County Arts Council---guest of John Kramb and Erica Duffy, Adams County Library (her first day on the job)—guest of Laura Goss) in person at the GettysburgHotel.Several joined on Zoom.
Chris Glatfelter won $23
Happy Bucks
  • Chris donated $5.00 of her 50/50 winnings and $1.00 in honor of guest Leona Rega.
  • Larry Redding gave $3.00 for Penn State’s football win.
  • John Kramb gave $1.00 in honor of Leona Rega and a $1.00 because he was happy to see the largest popcorn ball in maybe all the world in Sac City, Iowa.  John gets around on his motorcycle!
  • Ken Farbaugh gave $5.00 to announce he and Lena Ma became engaged on September 3 (Congratulations Ken and Lena), a $1.00 for being able to attend the meaningful Fairfield Regional 9/11 Memorial commemoration of the 20th anniversary of September 11, and a $1.00 because he is happy to be in Williamsburg with Lena, her sister and her fiancé, and his sister for a fun family week.
Larry announced the Board will meet Wednesday, September 15 at 7:30 AM via Zoom.  The meeting is open to all members.
Chris Glatfelter, Community Service Chair announced a roadside clean-up will be held October 9. 
Members who can help (a minimum of 8 volunteers needed) should meet at the Burger King at 8:00 AM.
Chris Kimple, International Chair announced three nominations have been received for the Eisenhower Award.  Members who would like to serve on the selection committee should email Chris at
Larry updated the club on the plans for OctoberFest October 30, 2:00 to 6:00 PM at the Adams County Winery, 251 Peach Tree Road, Orrtanna, PA.  He distributed a list of the following volunteer opportunities:
1. Shopping for supplies, pre-October 30.
2. Set-up October 30 @ 12:30 PM
3. Clean-up October 30 @ 6:00 PM
4. Food Prep October 30
5. Table Cleaners October 30
6. Cashiers October 30
7. Customer Service Agents & Raffle Ticket Sellers October 30
8. Donate Dessert Items—Deliver before noon on October 30.
9. Donate Funds (Suggest $20 per donation) to be used to purchase the following prior to October 30:
a.German Beer Brats                                   e.  Potato Salad
b.Hamburgers                                               f.   Soft Pretzels
c.Rolls & Buns                                            g.  Condiments
d.Sauerkraut                                                 h.  Paper Supplies
Peter Miele - Seminary Ridge Museum
Peter Miele, the newest club member (Classification Museum Administration) was the speaker.  Peter was introduced by his Rotary Sponsor, Brad Hoch.
Peter was a high school teacher for three years and was involved in museum work for eight years before becoming the Executive Director of the Seminary Ridge Museum & Education Center in May 2020.  He holds a B.A. in History and Secondary Education from Ramapo College, an M.A. in Applied History from Shippensburg University, and is currently working toward a Ph.D. in American Studies at Penn State. 
Peter’s presentation, “Where it all Began” highlighted the significance of the museum building at the heart of the first day’s fighting of the Civil War on July 1, 1863.  The building had been a place for conversations about slavery and its place in American life before the war.  Union and Confederate soldiers fought for 10 hours on Seminary Ridge.  The building was described as a part of the battle.  Inside the building, men and women volunteers cared for wounded soldiers.
Peter introduced us to W.W. Keen, MD.  Keen was a graduate of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, a renowned surgeon who after hearing Joseph Lister’s ideas on antisepsis in surgery adopted Lister’s methods.  He is reported to have performed successful removal of a brain tumor and assisted in an operation on President Grover Cleveland to remove a growth in his jaw. Keen (1837—1932), was a surgeon for the wounded at the Battle of Bull Run.
The museum is hosting a special event, “24 Hours on the Ridge” on 11/4---11/5, 2021 in conjunction with the Adams County Community Foundation’s Giving Spree.  Tours will be offered for 24 hours straight.
Museum membership gives you free admission, discounts on events, and access to the member portal.  Laura Goss reminded us; a perk of an Adams County Library card is a reduced admission fee at Seminary Ridge.  For more information go to
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Seminary Ridge Museum and Education Center
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US Army War College
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Dwight D. Eisenhower Humanitarian Award
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National Civil War Monument
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