The Rotary International Convention will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 6-10, 2020.
PDG John Kramb had been to many of these in various parts of the world. He encourages all Rotarians to attend and so he has decided to give us a Top Ten List for the reasons to go to the RI Convention this year. These will be presented in a weekly countdown to the number one reason. 
August 12th update! Next week- read number one!
2.The House Of Friendship. (A  delightful roam through all the good programs that Rotarians do throughout the world.
3.The Honolulu Zoo features over 1,230 animals in specially designed habitats.
4. Luaus! 
5. Amazing sunrises and sunsets
6. The Shark Dive
7. Learn to surf
8.The Beyond Borders dinner is a fun evening in which to meet other Rotarians from our Zone.  Ask Kramb what a zone is.
9. You can visit Pearl Harbor
10. Seriously?  Its HAWAIIIIIII!