Posted by Alex Hayes on Aug 12, 2019
Pictured above are V.P. Larry Redding and Barb Sanders with some of the reading books offered for the children to learn about the Civil War and Battle of Gettysburg
Barb Sanders has been with National Park Service for 21 years.
The park is well-known for its historical preservation but it also has a very strong educational outreach program for students. The NPS tries to offer programs for students in every grade level. Programs can be coordinated as part of a classroom fieldtrip. There are also weekend and summer programs that parents and children can attend. The NPS also conducts teacher training programs so teachers can take lessons back to their classroom.
Instead of telling us all about the great programs the NPS offers, Barb showed us! Every table got an activity to complete as a group.
One group had to put Gettysburg Address in order. They did pretty well.
In another group, each person was given a card stating what injury they suffered during a battle and had to determine the order they would take him off of the battlefield. The group put the man who suffered a cannonball to the stomach in the front of the line. Unfortunately, he was probably a goner no matter how quickly he was rushed to the medical tent so he should have been last. (Postscript: After being shot in the stomach and supposedly dying, the soldier resurrected to submit “The Battlefielder” report.)
Another group had to identify soldiers killed based on info found on them
This reporter saw Larry Redding waving a flag around the hotel ballroom but since he had been shot in the stomach, he had trouble figuring out what exactly was going on.
Barb encouraged all Rotarians to check out the NPS’ educational offerings, most of which are free to the public.